Sunday, January 30, 2011

What's In a Name?

Trying to get this blog up and running was a bit stressful...I mean, seriously, I felt like I was naming my first born. Talk about over analzying! Yikes!!!  So, 3 blogs later (yep, I created then deleted a few) I have decided on, It's All About Lade.  Now people don't over analyze that...I'm not some self centered crazy you-know-what that just wants to read my own thoughts...but it will be about my teaching life and finding the much needed balance between work and play. I want this blog to be a place to share some ideas, stories, and general funnies, because I'll tell you what, as teachers, especially elementary school teachers, we deal with some funny shit.

The first name I had for this blog was Laughing, Learning, and Living. Sappy, I know..but that's me. And, it fit perfectly with my idea that if you aren't laughing and learning you aren't really living. So, we'll all keep that in the back of our minds while I venture down this road of blogging and you read my posts. You will read my posts right? Great, now besides over analyzing the name I'll need to over analzye who and who isn't reading. Ha! I don't have time for that, I need to plan math and finish report cards. 

Ahhh...the life of a teacher and I wouldn't trade it for anything. (Well, almost anything.) 

Better Late Than Never...

Well, this blog has been a thought in process for quite a while. I don't really know what took me so long, but I'm here now. I hope this will be a place to share my ideas, thoughts, and love of teaching. For me, teaching is more than a job, it is a passion.  It’s a passion that has led me (and continues to lead me) down some fun and interesting roads.  I’m excited you are joining me on the ride.